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July 2015

Stop Struggling! ALLOW it to happen!

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Here is how most of us live life.

We set a goal for ourselves and then take appropriate action to reach that goal.

When things do not go our way, we work harder. We put our ‘nose to the grindstone’ and try to remember that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going.’

Our lives are full of struggle as we tot up our accomplishments.

This is just the nature of life, right?

Well, maybe not.

I am reading The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer. Singer is the author of The Untethered Soul and I think so highly of it that it appears in the life-changing books section of the syllabus for my program.

Singer describes a phase in his life when he was so tired of his mental chatter that he was spending virtually all his time in deep meditation. His description of his life then is eerily similar to that of Ramana Maharshi when he first came to the temple at Tiruvannamalai and simply meditated in the cavernous rooms in the many-level temple basement.

He was in a doctoral program in economics at the University of Florida and had to take three exams. He registered to take the two that he was somewhat prepared for.

Somehow he got registered for all three and he had not done a stitch of work for his public finance exam.

He was tempted to withdraw, but was experimenting with surrendering to the universe rather than imposing his will on it.

He decided to take the exam and thought the failure that happened would help in his struggle to vanquish his ego.

On the day before the exam he picked up his main public finance textbook and read three sections at random.

He repeated this the next morning and left to take his exam fully expecting to fail and fully at peace with it because he was sure he would drop out of his Ph.D. to devote full time to his spiritual practice.

There were six questions on the exam and he was required to answer three. Three of the six dealt with the topics that he had briefly studied.

He received an A in the exam and even got a commendation from the dean on his exemplary performance.

Here is a really scary thought.

Do you really have to impose your will, with all of the pain it involves and the drama it creates, on the universe to make things happen the way YOU want them to?

Or can you learn to set aside your oh-so-strong preferences and let a greater wisdom guide you effortlessly through life?

Don’t rush to answer this question.

This is deep, so think about it and let the answer emerge.

Don’t force it.


How to Straighten Out your Life

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We were in Paris this summer and my wife, being a big Monet fan, dragged me to Giverny. Monet was one of those rare painters who actually made enough money during his lifetime to live a comfortable, even luxurious, life.

Here is what his estate in Giverny looks like and this is a tiny part of it:

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Certainly conducive to peaceful thoughts isn’t it?

My wife tries to recreate this atmosphere and I am grateful for this. Here is a picture of a part of my backyard:

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I was under the impression that a beautiful garden like this just happens. You kinda wish it into being.

Last week my wife asked me to help her spread mulch around the flowerbeds. And she asked me to help her weed before that.

I found out that gardens DON’T just happen. And I was sweating profusely within 20 minutes and fled precipitously indoor after another half hour because I had important phone calls to make.

Think about this.

Your mind is the most fertile garden that you will ever see. It WILL bring forth.

Whether it becomes a picturesque Eden or an overgrown mess depends on how conscientiously you do the weeding. The unfortunate part is that, because the soil is so incredibly fertile, the weeds grow fast and in profusion along with the crops and flowers you want.

Watch your mind as you go through the day:

You catch sight of Forbes – the 400 issue – on the newsstand and go Why can’t I be as rich as that?

You spy a really good-looking woman and wonder Is she married? And momentarily forget that you are.

Your boss criticizes your last report and you mentally consign her to Gitmo or, even better, a rendition camp in Poland.

Weeds, weeds, weeds.

Thousands of them spring up every day and you are not even aware of them. And, because of this, they take root and grow big.

This is where and how your many addictions originate.

If you are ruthlessly diligent about the weeding, you absolutely will create a splendid garden.

Just try it for one day and see what a difference it makes.



If I Could Just Get Her to Change, Then Things Would be OK

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I have a number of personal coaching clients and one theme has surfaced many times. Come to think of it, it is also prevalent in the lives of friends and relatives.

A busy attorney is scaling new professional heights but his son is investigating controlled substances and has had several brushes with the law. He knows that if he could get his son to change life would be perfect.

An entrepreneur is grappling a key-employee issue. The guy is brilliant and gets the job done. But he is also brusque and alienates everyone. Including, unfortunately, clients. If only he could get him to change…

A senior executive works long hours. When he gets home he just wants to put his feet up and relax and watch some junk on the idiot box. He was a dutiful father and chauffeured children to various activities when young. But now that they have left the house he feels entitled to his ‘relax’ time. But his wife wants to go our for dinner every day and with persons he finds intolerable. If only he could get her to change…

An extremely house-proud woman has a beautiful, almost perfectly trained dog. But he insists on latching on to the trousers of male visitors and his sharp teeth have left many holes. If only she could get the dog to modify his behavior…

We are all stuck in the same rut.

We are all trying to fix someone – children, spouses, parents, siblings, relatives, colleagues, bosses, vendors, subordinates and even pets.

Think about how you have made your well being hostage to the behavior of others. They do something and you punish yourself by becoming miserable.

They are who they are.

You can try to change them, but success is not guaranteed and failure is likely.

Accept this gracefully. You also are who you are.

Try to make changes in yourself and remember that the hunchback is oblivious to his own crook as he notes those of others.

Does this mean that you do not try to induce positive change – or what you consider to be positive change – in others?

Of course not. It simply means that when you fail, and this will happen often, you do not let it affect your equanimity.

People are different for a reason. Learn to accept and celebrate that difference.