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November 2016

The World has Ended. Now What do I Do?

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She called me right after the event. I could not see her but I knew her eyes were red with weeping. “I am so distraught, Professor Rao,” she cried. “My stomach is tied up in knots. I cannot think or work or eat. I feel as if Freddie Kreuger has slipped into my house.”

And then there is my long time handyman, someone I have used for years who always delivers great service at reasonable price. “Why don’t they recognize that he won? This pointless obstructionism simply ensures that we will get nothing done.” His face was lined with anger and frustration.

The 2016 Presidential election in the US has shaken up the country like no other in a century.

Yet again a presidential candidate has won the popular vote and lost the presidency.

There is hand wringing and jubilation and deathly fear and talk of the apocalypse.

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